Living Here - Citizen Of The Year Award

2014 Citizen of the Year Award
Nominated by: Elkhorn District Community Centre


This years Citizen of the Year is a very active volunteer in our community for a variety of groups. He has made many significant contributions to many community activities, celebrations, and a great deal of recreation has been built upon this volunteer's shoulders.

He has been very involved in the arena - coaching minor hockey teams, reffing minor hockey, coordination referees for all games, served on board and as president for a number of years and is a tireless worker at maintaining the facility.  

He has been an active Minor ball coach and umpire along with being the spearhead of the new ball diamond project. He continues to be the key man in maintaining this beautiful facility.

He is an active member and volunteer of the Elkhorn Golf Club.

Our community has become a richer place because of the quality recreation opportunities it boasts and this nominee takes great pride in that.

Many people do a lot of work in our little community for free, working quietly with no expectation of pay or acknowledgement. This nominee is a role model in that regard.

Best described in his nomination as follows:

"His feet are of average size, however, his footprints are much larger in this community" The 2014 Village of Elkhorn Citizen of the Year:

Dennis Kyle

Nominated by: Citizens at Large of the Elkhorn Area


This nominee is a quiet resident who has always had a big heart and is willing to help out.

2014 saw the return of the Elkhorn Expos Senior Ball team and this nominee stepped forward and faithfully collected gate receipts at all home games.

Also, during the late June flood event, she went above and beyond the role of her day job and was always there for our residents who were battling the flood and needed after hours service for gas and plumbing supplies

Also, in her time off, she spent many hours directing traffic at the intersection of PR 256 and Trans Canada Highway. Her diligent work helped protect Village residents, travelers, and on-site volunteers who were manning the pumps.

Lisa Morton

Nominated by: Manitoba Automobile Museum


This nominee has been a long time resident of the Village and an active volunteer in many community groups and events.

Over the years, he has helped out at the Manitoba Automobile Museum in various ways, but in 2014 took that volunteer spirit to a higher level.

He volunteered to act as "Museum Manager" for 2 weeks to allow Manager Lloyd Warnica the opportunity for a 2 week vacation. He worked his share of hours as well as managing and acting as a resource for our 2 summer students.

He did all this as a donation and would not accept any payment for his time and contribution. A very generous contribution to help out.

Don Paschke

Nominated by: Elkhorn Leisure Centre


This nominee is truly a "man about town" when it comes to his volunteering to many community groups.

He has helped out at the Leisure Centre being a handy-man doing a variety of day-to-day duties just because they needed to be done.

He is a talented carpenter that has used these skills at the Elkhorn District Community Centre, Manitoba Automobile Museum Heritage House, and the Elkhorn Leisure Centre.

2014 Saw this nominee re-do the back entrance to the Leisure Centre. This project was done safe and up to code with no charge for any of his time.

Lee Hodson