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S.A.I.L. (Seniors Access to Independent Living)
Located at #12 Antrim Street

The purpose of S.A.I.L. is to assist senior and disabled persons to continue living independently and with dignity in their homes/apartments as long as possible.
  • To identify the existing resources and services that are presently available to assist seniors and disabled persons in the community.
  • To identify the gaps in existing resources and services available.
  • To help identify senior and disabled persons in the community who are in need.
  • To help facilitate access to and delivery of resources and services to seniors and disabled persons in the community.
Organize the delivery of:
  • Congregate meals prepared at the Elkview Lodge.
  • Meals on Wheels prepared at the Elkwood Manor.
  • Provide Emergency Response Information Kits: known as ERIK Kits.
  • Organize a FLU CLINIC every year.
  • Install LIFELINE for those in need of this service.
  • Help locate volunteers for Doctor’s appointments and for delivery of meals.
  • Help with booking the Handivan.
For more information contact:
Audrey Watters (Senior Resource Coordinator of Elkhorn S.A.I.L.)
Phone: 1-204-845-2011
Fax: 1-204-845-2371