Local Government - Congratulatory Messages

Special greetings can be requested for Elkhorn residents who have achieved something out of the ordinary and should be recognized. All special message requests must be accompanied by a short history. Special messages can also be requested for business or community groups celebrating special anniversaries or special milestones.

Program Details
The Village of Elkhorn will present a frame certificate with the Village of Elkhorn seal on it and signed by the Mayor of the Village of Elkhorn. It could then be presented at the special event by the Mayor or Councillor and/or may be given to the individual or family as the situation dictates.
Request a Message
A message can be requested by anyone on behalf of an Elkhorn resident(s). Please fill out the request form included within and submit to the Village of Elkhorn Office.
Wedding and Birthday Greetings
Greetings can be requested for Elkhorn couples who are celebrating their 25th, 40th, 50th or 60th wedding anniversary. Birthday greetings can be requested for Elkhorn residents who are celebrating their 75th birthday (and at 5 year intervals thereafter).
Click here to download a Congratulatory Message Request Form